Where and How I Found a Legitimate Online Job

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Where To Find a Legitimate Online Job

At the beginning of the internet, people expected that everything would be in a couple of years on the internet. Nowadays, I believe that you can buy everything here, but can we also sell everything here? One main point for people not living in a great metropolitan area is the possibility of having an interesting job that at least is reasonably paid.

The first suggestion is call center: if you like to deal with people, it is not really boring. You cannot choose your daily schedule, but you can negotiate it in advance. What you should ask before beginning is if it is a selling job. Many of them are, but if you feel comfortable with selling, just go on. The second burden is if they ask for fees in advance. Don’t fall into this second group. Even if it doesn’t look like a scam, there is no point paying for working. Your input is your work, they should pay you. I suggest: http://alpineaccess .com/external/index.html

The second is data entry: you have to be fast at the keyboard. Normally you will have to type client names and numbers or some other minor uninteresting information. Watch for the same pitfalls as above. Suggestion: Axiondata.

Transcription: people don’t expect that you come into the office just for a transcription. They expect that you receive the file and they receive the text. In the medical field or law related are well-paid, but demand extra qualification. One suggestion: Absolute Docs.

And finally: bookkeeping. It may sound you need years of study and experience to start working, but it is not true. One possibility of working at home is collecting receivables. As a matter of fact, people don’t pay their debt as they did before. That produces a huge amount of work load that need to be sorted. Debtors must be called, they must receive a letter, so that all formalities are fulfilled, they must be called again, and someone must check if the payment was made. Believe me, it is a lot of work. Suggestion, try: Arrecovery.

Well, you may be asking: why didn’t talk about writing online also. Personally, although I believe that there are also good possibilities like this site to earn some extra dollars, I would not recommend it as a full-time online job. Principally, because writers get writers blockades, you can run out of topics to talk about. Having a job should provide you with a stable form of income, not just a second job.

You can find great jobs online. There are many online employment agencies. If you’ve been seeking a job offline with no success, then go online and try to find employment.

Whether you’re seeking an online or web-based job, a job with a local and/or a national or international company or whether you’re interested in designing your own job or starting your own company there are many online job and business opportunities. The key is research.

What type of job are you seeking? For instance, if you’re a scientist? Then put in your search engine “jobs for scientist”? You find www.sciencejobs .com; www.ajob4scientists .com; and www.newscientistjobs .com. You can do this with almost any career category.

If you’re a freelance writer or a teacher or an expert in astronautical engineering, then use your search to define your category. Begin searching here. For teachers, there’s www.teachers-teachers .com. For online jobs, there’s www.onlinejobs .com.

If you’re seeking a “career” not necessarily a “job”, then there’s CareerBuilder .com. There are great jobs for math majors, www.maa. org/reviews/greatjobs .html. You can find jobs in different cities.

You can find specific jobs. Let’s say you want to work for the New York Times. Then go to jobmarket.nytimes .com/pages/jobs. This can be done with almost any specific industry. You can go straight to the online resources. Your resumes and job applications can also be listed online and sent online. You can even set up your own webpage devoted to your resume.

If you’re seeking a music industry job go to musician.about .com with links to music industry jobs. Your search engine keywords can also be “music industry jobs”.

What about “film industry jobs” or “entertainment industry jobs”.

Suppose you want to work at a resort? Then www.resortjobs .com. If you want to work in certain countries, use your search engine. If you want to work for specific companies in certain countries, again use your search engine. There’s the International Jobs Center, www.internationaljobs .org and www.international-job-search .com

For Hispanic and Bilingual Jobs, there’s www.LatPro .com. Certainly there are job listings specific to other ethnic or linguistic groups. Try your search engine. There are webpages for just generic “jobs” such as www.jobs-at .com and www.jobware .com. There’s intjobs .org, again for international jobs. Do you want an online or an offline job? Try your search engine. There’s also www.monster .com where you can post your resume and also search listings.

Jobs for writers includes www.writejobs .com, www.writerswrite .com/jobs, www.writerfind .com/freelance_jobs, www.freelancewriting .com and numerous others websites.

If you’re a webmaster, there are a number of job opportunities through affiliate marketing, whatever your category, from selling furniture to jewelry to space toys to telescopes, etc. You can also print and publish and sell your own books and e-books.

For those seeking to set up your own businesses, there are also many turnkey companies, which help you to set up ‘instant companies’. Many of these ‘instant companies’ are free, and some charge a minimal set-up fee.

So whenever you’re seeking a “great job”, try online. Just use your search engine.

How To Find a Legitimate Online Job

Resume Preparation

The first step, whether you’ve been working somewhere for a few years or haven’t, is to update or write your resume. Regardless of your experience level, your resume has to show your skills, job history, and potential as a quality employee. There are numerous online resources to help with resume building, but there’re number of people you know who can help.

The best way to start is by gathering as much information about your previous employment, education, training you have received, and general interests. After acquiring all of those old addresses and phone numbers, putting all the information in the right format will be easy. Parts of your resume will change for each job you apply for, but the bulk of the document will work for all your application.


After polishing up your resume, begin reviewing tips and techniques for interviews. The main thing to keep in mind is having reasonable expectations. If you are looking for jobs in a variety of fields or something unrelated to your previous employment, entry-level positions are your best bet. There are a variety of pay rates for entry-level positions depending on the field, but as an employee just starting out, you can’t expect the world to be at your feet.

Also, know what you are qualified for and what you are not. Some fields (food service, customer service) don’t have a lot of requirements about previous experience. Many jobs do, so if you want to apply for those positions, don’t expect an interview from every application you submit. In fact, online applications don’t garner even a 50% response rate from employers.

Online Resources

There are numerous online websites with job listings, most allow the job-hunters to apply through the website itself, so the process has become far easier for the public. Keyword searches allow you to sift through the thousands of job profiles in your area. Other than Yahoo Hot Jobs, Monster, and Career Builder, Craiglist .org is another great resource. There are traditional jobs listed there, but also temporary positions and non-traditional jobs such as dog walking, sales, house cleaning, etc. If you aren’t looking for a typical 9-5 employer, Craiglist .org or your local newspaper might be your best bet.

Following Up

After editing your resume and mission statement over and over again for all the different positions you have applied for, be prerared to wait for responses that may or may not come. Online employers are notorious for getting tons of resumes through email, so they can sit back, toss aside 95% of them and respond to only their choice applicants. One tactic is to research the company (a good idea anyway) and find their fax number. If you fax your resume with a good cover letter about the position you are applying for, it will separate you from the herd. After submitting everything, if you fail to receive emails in response or a call after a few days, it is a good idea to call over there and see what is your application’s status. There is no point in holding out or waiting for a position you really want if they have no intention of corresponding with you.

When you do get job interviews, make sure you ask questions during the meeting as well. Most people are so concerned with impressed everyone in the interview, they fail to get adequate information about the position. The ideal situation is to gain enough knowledge that you can give them a solid yes if they call you with a job offer. The job search process is not an easy one, but with preparation and perseverance, you can begin a new job that you will enjoy within a reasonable amount of time.

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