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Web backlinks become hot issue lately, pros and cons version arise between webmasters. What had happened on many sites caused by Google latest algorithm. Website been outranked, and deindexed by Google make many webmaster anxious about this so called backlinks. Watch this video below to ease your worries.

As this video was published around 2014, the information is a bit outdated.

Indeed, that a site still be able to gain backlink from another site but the way it is acquired should be according to google webmaster guidelines.

On today, 2018, google webmaster stressed out about making a backlink is against their guidelines. That a site should received backlinks naturally as a result of the quality of informations they share.

Still on a debate between webmaster as google never describe the precise actions that qualify to ‘making backlinks’.

This article not finished yet, and will never be, i am afraid, because as soon as I get another information from a trusted source, it will be updated. So stay tune.

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