Traffic Boosting Tips for non-techie

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Traffic Boosting Tips

Tips for a non-techie person to enhance traffic of their websites

This is a situation when someone would like to get more traffic from search engine (like; google, bing, yahoo, yandex, etc) but do not have time to learn coding with all its technical stuffs whic come a long with SEO.

However, SEO is not as complicated as we are lead to believe.

There are some technical improvements which can still be done on the back end of the website.

Numerous actions to innovate and improvise the SEO. Improvisation that are simple and easy to make even for a non-techie and could be done immediately.

Things a non-techie could do

The following tips will help improve the user experience including including helping the agency websites rank much higher on google.

These simple things will help site-owner to generate much more leads from content marketing.

  1. Publish great content
  2. More Photos
  3. Internal Linking
  4. Target long-tail keywords
  5. Improve Local SEO


  1. Publish Great Content
  2. Better content for better result. However a question needs to be asked; what is good content?

    Quality content can only be written by first prioritizing the ideal client. It helps in solving specific problems, entertaining the or thoroughly explaining a topic.

    SEO content which was content marketing traditionally for the SEO is no longer valuable to them. Google as a search engine has taken extreme measure in ensuring that people find valuable resources on the search engine.

  3. Include More Photos
  4. Photos are considered to be great for the SEO.
    They are known to provide much more content for the search engine. They show up in tje form of images searches which make the following website much more engaging for the visitor.

  5. Internal Linking
  6. One of the most dependable and best ways to actually improve SEO is by generating different links to your website.

    However, building up links is time consuming especially for authorititative sites.

    One thing that the site-owner should do immediately and indefinitely is to link their own content from within their website.

  7. Target long-tail keywords
  8. Keyword research has been considered to be SEO one-on-one. However, targeting keywords is not essentially the best bet always.

    For example, ranking for car insurance is considered to be difficult because the competition that exists is vast. Thi is exactly where long-tail keywords come into action.

  9. Improve your local SEO
  10. Local SEO is considered to be an essential element for insurance agencies than target specific markets.

    Local SEO for in several cases are much more competitive than the normal SEO.

    They are however much more valuable. Few of the ways to improve local SEO include:

    • The website needs to be set up in a proper manner with the help of Google my business.
    • Secondly, listing the phone numbers, addresses and names of the agency of your said website.


By following the above mentioned ways even a non-techie can improve the SEO of their site or blogs.

Main Author of insitemoney, writer for most of the contents posted on insitemoney. All topics were chosen and written based on personal passion, experiences , and desire to share from this past 10 years journey. Hopefully could benefit all our readers.


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