Making Money Online in 1-2-3

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Money making online

Making Money Online, a term that has been so popular this past 20 years, due to the accesibility of the internet.

This type of ‘Job’ attracts many people all around the world to chase the dream of make money from home only by writing and/or selling online? A kind of job that sounds impossible for a non-techie person to achieve.

In general, this term has been succeeded to make people thinking that due to the revolution of information technology, nowadays one doesn’t need to step out home to earn a couple of bucks.

You can just sit at home, write about something you care and earn money in return.

More and more people today (me too, 9 years a go) are starting their own blog or websites for an alternative source of income.

It’s one of the easiest ways to earn money because all you need is a laptop, an internet connection and the zeal to create unique content.

However, monetizing your blog not as simple as it sounds.

It requires careful strategizing to earn money from your blog.

The premise that you are able to earn money using the internet (so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home), sounds lure in some points, but we are not going to discuss about what is behind money making online, we are going to talk about the concept that (they) have built to support this term.

  1. Choose a profitable blog niche.
    Before you select a domain or site layout, ask yourself: What is your blog about? Most people start blogging as a hobby before they become a full-time professional blogger.

    Therefore, you need to find what you’re passionate about and would like to write about on your blog.

    However, if your long-term plan is to monetize your blog, you need to select a niche which will apeal to a large section of the audience.

    Some niches are easier to monetize than the others and it’s better to choose an easy niche right from the beginning.

    Here are a few tips on how to select a profitable niche:

    • Keyword research:
      Conduct research to find out how many people are looking for information on the niche you want to write about.
    • Check with Google Trends:
      Check Google Trends to gain helpful insight into what people are searching for.
    • Visit Q&A websites:
      Use these websites to find out how many people are interested in your preferred niche.


  2. Drive traffic to your blog
    Once you’ve created the blog, it’s time to attract visitors to your page.

    You can achieve this in a number of ways.

    • Create a content strategy:

      The easiest way of boosting traffic to your blog is by creating good, original content that people care about.

      Think about what people love, what interests them and write on that.

      Your main objective should be to creative evergreen content.

      What is evergreen content?
      Evergreen content is something which will remain valuable for a long time as opposed to something which will become irrelevant after a certain period of time.

      After you’ve finished writing the body of the content, analyze the headline of your article before you hit publish.

      The headline should be catchy and peak the interest of your audience.

      Some even suggest that the headline is more important than the content itself.

    • Learn Search Engine Optimization:

      Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing your blog content for search engines.

      SEO will help your blog rank higher in organic search results and attract more visitors to your webpage.

      Keywords form the most crucial aspect of a good SEO strategy.

      Identify relevant keywords related to your topic and include those keywords in your content.

      Another great SEO strategy is to include hyperlinks in your content.

      However, make sure that you don’t saturate your content with keywords and hyperlinks.

    • Optimize your blog’s loading speed:

      Search engines consider a page’s loading time a crucial factor when while ranking websites.

      Many research studies also show that 47% of users expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds.

      So, if your page doesn’t open fast enough, they’ll simply click the back button and move on to a different page.

    • Share on social media:

      Social media is a great promotional tool for your blog.

      Add social sharing buttons for websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on your post to disperse your content and boost traffic to your website.


  3. Monetize your blog.
    Once you’ve built a substantially large readership base through organic methods, you can think about earning a few bucks from your blog. There are a number of ways in which you can monetize your blog.

    Two of the most lucrative methods are as follows:

    • Advertisements:
      Advertising is the simplest way of monetizing your blog.

      Although it is not easy to achieve today, due to high population of blogs and websites.

      (Every day there are millions of new blogs and websites popping up on the internet and that creates a very high competition.)

      And so, after you’ve established a large readership base, advertisers would want to pay you to place advertisements on your page.

      All you need to do is set up an account on Google Adsense.

      On setting up the account, you’ll be given a code which you need to add to your blog.

      This code will allow the advertisers who are a part of Google’s advertising network to automatically display their ads on your blog.

      The great thing about this service is that hundreds of advertisers bid to advertise on your blog, and you don’t need to do anything.

      Every time a reader of your blog clicks on the ad, you earn and paid for that.

      Google collects the money from the advertisers and gives you a monthly payment.

    • Affiliate Marketing:
      Affiliate marketing is a great option for beginners to start earning money from their blog.

      Affiliate marketing is the procedure of earning an instruction by endorsing other company’s products.

      You find a product which is related to your blog and you like to use, promote it to your readers and earn a percentage of the profit for each sale that you make.

      For instance, if you have a tech website, you can become an affiliate with companies which sell electronic devices, write about the product in your blog, refer your readers to the company’s website and earn a commission for every sale you make.


Hopefully this can help you to get the big picture of money making online concept.

Thanks for reading.

Main Author of insitemoney, writer for most of the contents posted on insitemoney. All topics were chosen and written based on personal passion, experiences , and desire to share from this past 10 years journey. Hopefully could benefit all our readers.


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