Limited Paypal account? Here’s what to do

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Limited Paypal account, standard things you can do.

If you are in the habit of carrying out online transactions frequently, then it is natural for you to have a Paypal account that you use to either send or receive money.

Paypal is one of the commonest merchant accounts that are being used today because it is easy to use and is accepted by almost all businesses and organizations.

However, issues with Paypal are common, especially your account being limited by Paypal.

What does a Limited Access mean?

When can account is limited by Paypal, the account holder will not be able to send or withdraw any funds and any balance in the account will remain as frozen unless the limitation is lifted by Paypal.

The reasons for account limitation are multiple – the general criteria being suspicious activity or safety reasons.

Once you comply with the requirements that Paypal asks you to fulfill, the limited status will be lifted and you will be able to keep using the account as before.

What to do in case your account is limited?

  • Once you receive an email from Paypal that your account is limited or your account status shows ‘limited’, you need to find out what the actual problem is.

    You can visit their Resolution Center and find out the reason for the limitation as well as what to do to resolve the issue.

  • If all your transactions and dealings are genuine, you will usually find that Paypal will require you to submit some trivial documents like KYC papers, credit card statements, utility bills, etc. in order to lift the limitation.

    Doing this shouldn’t be any problem to you and the necessary documents can be submitted within a few days at max. A number of cases can be solved easily in this way.


However, if Paypal is unsatisfied with the documents that you submit and still think the account activities are suspicious, then they will put a hold on your account funds for a period of six months or 180 days.

Though this situation is tough for the account holder, you need to wait for the ban to lift if you have a good amount of money in your account.

There is hardly anything that you can do during this period, except for returning the pending amounts for services/products that you haven’t yet sold (in case, you are a seller). If you are a buyer, then you will have to use some other form of payment while the issue is being resolved.

But the catch here is that, even after the six month hold on your account’s funds, there is no guarantee that Paypal will release it for sure. If you are unlucky, it may so happen you do not get back your money from Paypal at all.

So, if you are using Paypal for your transactions or plan to use it in the future, it is better that you follow their guidelines diligently and not carry out any abrupt actions or you may lose your money, forever.

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