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While you are on your product searching or already have one or more to sell, start build your market place would be a very good idea. Your product needs a decent place, that’s why we are not going to make just a site or a blog or even the worse a non-selfhosted blog. We are going to build an Authority Site.

What is Authority Site?

Simple said:

“Authority site is a site that has value of knowledge and trust. Value of knowledge from the reliability and validity of the informations it provides, and Value of trust from the age of existence, and administration.”

Let’s make one, fast and easy:

  • Buy a domain name, (dot)com of course. Purchase it from trusted domain registrar like namecheap, godaddy, or else.
  • Rent a hosting account, on namecheap, godaddy, or else (usually Domain Registrar also has hosting service).
  • Build your site with whatever software you want, but to make life easier, for the sake of its simplicity choose wordpress. Install it from within your hosting dashboard. Ask the technical support if you don’t know how to do that, they will help.
  • Use a good wordpress theme.
  • Prepare your site’s content.

Get The Content:

If you don’t know how to write an article, you can outsourced it to a professional with reasonable price.

But be careful of going too cheap, we need a good article here to gain authority.

Just make sure it’s an original one, not a rough spun content.

Get additional 100 articles which target all of your keywords.

The content should have at least 400 words, it has to be unique and informative.

Tell your writers to write some fun facts about chickens, recipes, cooking or any other similar stuff to fill the word count, but to keep the content interesting.

You can post this additional articles all at once or scheduled them.

Let it be natural as how a website should be run.

Publish and ranked it.

Now this is the interesting part.

This is the way of doing it and needs about 3-6 months.


  • Do not worry about having backlinks
  • Do not worry about keyword diversity
  • Do not worry about the length of your articles
  • Make it very natural
  • Do not overdo your keywords
  • Make it very informative
  • Just update and forget


Main Author of insitemoney, writer for most of the contents posted on insitemoney. All topics were chosen and written based on personal passion, experiences , and desire to share from this past 10 years journey. Hopefully could benefit all our readers.


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