How to earn from creating website

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How to earn through creating website

Business simply must step into the 21st century and have its own website. Having a website is just one of the ways to make money online.

More than 90 of all households here in the United States that have an Internet connection, approximately 65% begin to search for new products and services online.

That explains why people cannot afford NOT to have a website.

This can be an advantage for you who has some coding knowledge, to start earning from website creation.

Now that you have decided to make website to earn then what will you do? Depending upon the level of your computer skills, you have two main options: Develop the website on your own then sell it or have it made by a professional then sell it with decent profit.

How to make a website

It may sound simple to make a website, but it takes a lot of dedication and hard work, just as much as running your own business. Not only will you have to research your particular industry, but you must dive headlong into a whole new industry, that is, the website industry.

The first thing you will need to do is to find a name and then a place to keep your website.

You will need to have a domain name as it is called in the Internet world. This is how people will be able to access your website.

Try to choose something that is easy to spell and to remember. You may have to let your creativity flow on this one as there are billions of domain names already in use.

There is usually a yearly fee when registering a domain name of about $10.
A hosting company will host your website on their servers.

There is a monthly fee associated with web hosting that can range from a low of $3 all the way up to $15+ depending on the type and size of hosting you get.

You have to look at three main things when you decide about getting a hosting company:

  1. Space size

  2. How much room will be allotted to your website? Hosting size is measured in megabytes (mb). Usually a typical status page is approximately one tenth of a megabyte so you can make a rough estimate of how much space your website will need.

  3. Bandwidth size

  4. Every time a visitor stops in to look at your website, it takes a certain amount of bandwidth to display your website for him or her. Bandwidth is usually measured in Megbyte (mg) or Gigabyte (gb). The higher the amount of bandwidth that is available, the more visitors will be able to see your website.

  5. Special features

  6. Since you are probably new at making websites, then you will want to look for a hosting company that is able to offer special features for new designers. These features may include such tools as a website builder, guest books, forums, counters, Invitation pages, etc. These tools are particularly useful for a beginner because sometimes installing these features may tend to get a little complicated.


This is what earn from the Internet is all about if you intend on having a website. Once you have located a hosting company and have chosen a domain name, then you will have to build your website.

Websites are coded in a specific language known as HTML. You would have to be very proficient in HTML if you wanted to code a website by hand. You will have to use a website builder to complete the job. All you have to do to locate a website builder is to type that phrase into one of the search engines and see what comes up.

If you want to get a bit fancier and have more options available to you, you may want to consider some software programs that may cost about $100 such as Dreamweaver.

While it may be more cost effective to build your own website, you must also consider the effort and the quality that a professional team of website designers can offer you.

Hiring a Professional

If you do not have the time to build your own website or if you want special features incorporated into your site, then you may want to hire a professional.

You have to keep in mind that the professional does this for a living and will give you the highest degree of quality. The professional website designer will usually handle everything from buying and setting up the domain name to updating your website on a weekly basis.

A professional will be willing to discuss your ideas and aspiration. You can even tell him or her about your desire of making money on the Internet. Once they feel that they have a handle upon what you are looking for, they will then create your website.

Depending upon the region you live in, the price of hiring a design professional will vary. Average prices will range anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to well up into the thousands.

Many wordpress themes are available these days. You need to have right knowledge about these themes so that they will add up to the feature of your links and help you make money online.

WordPress themes are available free online if you do a search. You must ensure that no link is left broken. Another option is to have a WordPress theme custom made for you so that you do not lose any links.

To choose the right wordpress theme, you need to check for the following things.
One thing that you have to take special care of is to ensure that the browser is compatible with the other browsers.

When you build a site, look at it in Internet Explorer as well as Firefox|While creating a website you need to check it on mozilla firefox plus on internet explorer.

Check your site in Internet Explorer and Firefox at the same time as making your site|After you have created a website, you need to check it in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

After you are done with building your site, ensure that it is compatible with both the internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Check it out on PCs and Macs if you can. If possible, it would be good to look it on Macs and PCs. You would not like to leave your client unsatisfied on your site because of the incompatibility with the browsers. The next feature you want to look for is the ability to add widgets to your word press theme.

The best aspect of the word press theme software is the easy accessibility of widgets, which are generally add on scripts.

Uploading them is not at a difficult task.Your theme should be able to handle widgets properly; otherwise even if it has an attractive look of no use.

Also, it is essential that your WordPress theme loads quickly or it may irritate the users.

The visitors would drift away from your site, if it takes time to get loaded and you will not be able to show your website content to them.

Before using a free theme, try testing the website that already uses that theme and see what time it takes to load that site.To load your page faster, make sure that the CSS is compressed.

You also need to check if the SEO is good enough. It doesn’t matter how good your content is if the search engines can’t find it.

While checking that the theme is SEO optimized, you must not focus only on graphics but also on HTML validation, content, post display extracts on archive and category pages. Your word press theme should have an ability to search.

Although it’s a necessary thing, sometimes certain themes fail to have a search engine. Also check that your theme supports ads like banner ads or Adsense, if you thinking to add them.

At the end, figure out whether you can progress with the help of the design or not. Your theme should continue to give the same look and feel even after the site is developed.

Do thorough marketing research before applying a new theme to avoid shocking your visitors. Before choosing a WordPress, make all the enquiries and see to it that your theme suits your requirements.

Choosing a right theme is very important as it will affect you monetarily.

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