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A good cell phone apps programming or developing job will often determine coders to quit their day job and start their own online business. While no one can predict exactly how much you can make by freelancing, it is certain that the potential of the online programming market is huge.

Let’s take an example – pixel advertising. Once the famous Million Dollar Home Page campaign got popular, thousands upon thousands of investors were looking for pixel ad scripts.

This lead to a creation of plenty of online programming job opportunities, and many coders or programmers made a lot of money developing such scripts.

As many any other freelance business, online programming is great because it allows you to earn online using your already existing skills, which were hard to exploit on a local level.

Cell Phone Apps Development Tips

Here are a few tips that should make your online coding or programming freelance job easier and more productive:

  • Improve your coding or programming skills

  • make sure your coding/programming skills are above average, otherwise you will have a hard time satisfying the requirements of your client. Practice by creating some scripts that you see many clients require, and test them on your own computer or websites.

  • Use competitive pricing

  • this is one of the best answers to the question: how to win freelance projects in programming? Do this at first: attract costumers with your low rates, until you manage to build a good reputation. In most cases, it takes a couple of months until you manage to win several freelance online coding/programming projects and be in the position to ask for higher prices.

  • Build a programming portfolio

  • just like any other freelance business, you need a good porfolio if you want to win freelance projects. A good reputation also comes from being able to show your clients what you are able to produce. Your portfolio can be a website that contains some explanations regarding your most successful scripts and programs.

  • Communication Skills

  • in many cases, it’s not your portfolio or pricing system that wins you a client. The way you approach potential client is vital. Show interest in their project but don’t seem desperate to get it. Let them know that you will treat their project as if they were your only costumer, but also make all your requirements clear from the initial contact.


The single most important thing about being a freelance coder is to secure enough projects on a monthly basis so that you can rely on a constant income from your online job.

A good online coder/programmer job may pay as much as any regular coding job, maybe even more if you manage to find good clients. However, success does not come straight away, you need to sharpen your coding and build your reputation as a reliable and prompt freelance coder.
Many coders who are extremely talented in programming have a hard time putting together a nice portfolio website because they lack of aesthetic sense that is vital when creating a nice looking site.

It is better if you make your life easier and simply use a free website template that already has a strong visual presence and an attractive look and feel.

You will notice that your reputation of being a great freelance IT coder will increase dramatically once you are able to show your clients exactly what you did in the past. You can look for clients on specialized forums and discussion boards or by joining a freelance website and competing on auctions or projects.

You can also develop your own freelance programming website and get leads this way, bypassing all the competition.

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