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When the individuals start their business, initially they may have a limited budget and time to own a website that is why they try to depend on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram for their business.

Some businessmen also try to run their sales through eBay or Etsy. These social media networks facilitate the individual to generate simple and without any attribute existence on the web and without the perspective offered in the unrestricted options of a qualified website.

There is no doubt that these social media networks are powerful and they are the most efficient way to reach the audience through the modern marketing, even a simple page can increase the value, but they definitely do not swap a website effort.


There are quite a lot of drawbacks to the social media approach, here is why:

  • The first reason is, you don’t have a control on your content or the platform. You need to change your detail according to the requirements of the platform.
  • Selling is not easy when you use third-party websites. However, you can find some exclusive and committed shopping website such as Etsy. When you use these sites, you cannot turn the visitor into a reliable customer as it is difficult to add “Buy Now” buttons or any other opportunities to make a sale.
  • Searching will be difficult for customers if you don’t have a website, they cannot find your business online. Shopping platforms and Social Media platforms have efficient internal search-engines; the content of these sites will not be shown on Google search
  • You will run your online business at based on another company’s policies. Every social media platform controls the type of content that you want to upload. You cannot deliver your content to the potential customers. These platforms also charge you just to get visitors to see your restricted content.
  • Your business is nothing but another profile when you depend on social media platforms and sales. You will not be able to show your potentiality to the reliable customers. But, with a website, you can add your personal information, and you can provide the history of your company. The best thing about having a website is that you can modify both the design and the messaging to reflect your own values and personality.
  • It will be challenging to show ‘social proof’. Even if the customers connect with you through social media, it is difficult to connect to Amazon or Yelp, add case studies or testimonials, or boast your awards and other identifications so that all customers can see.
  • The social media network platforms offer inadequate analytics. and some platform offers basic analytics. It gets tough to determine exchange from views to sales.
  • There are more chances that people will not consider your business seriously. In fact, many individuals expect business to have their own website so that they can get more information, buy your products, or get in touch with you. According to the AMA I (American Marketing Association), most of the costumers search the website to know more about the brand.


You can start a normal, basic website and get the benefits for your business quickly. Here you can find some of the instant benefits that you can get from developing your own website, which includes:

  • All the important business details will be placed in one place. It can help your customers to reach you immediately whenever they need your business. As per the business category that you run, you can add your business hours, location, and a phone number or email address. If you own a restaurant business, then you can include menus on insurance information and fee structure. A website design can provide a price list and a contact form.
  • It offers affordable marketing opportunities. You can see that your next customer may find your business using Google. You can add your website along with other marketing endeavors like print online ads, Facebook, Radio, and business cards.
  • It allows you to have direct communication with your customers. You can use your website to share updates, including special offers, new products, sales, etc. You can as well include a blog and share industry news, customer stories, best practices, and more. Also, it allows you to add FAQs, policies, instructions, or techniques on your website so that your customers can get the answers quickly.
  • It can help you get more sales. If you have provided a service or sold a product, then that means you are making sales through your business website. You will have complete control on the list of your products, how the descriptions should be, and how you will manage shipping services. According to your budget and requirements, you can start with an easy Paypal button or you can place the entire list on your website. If you are offering services, your website will allow you to start preparation and payment systems to signup webinar-consulting for hire page.


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