7 Top Tips to create an Engaging Content

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Engaging Content

By now, you’ve probably heard this from just about everyone: that content is still the king. The more content you generate, the better your website will rank, the better your ranking, the more traffic you’ll receive, and the more traffic you receive, the more sales you can make.

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But, you’re probably wondering where you can get all this content? Not everyone has the time to write blog posts or create videos and a lot of people i know just don’t feel like they’re good writers.

How to create Engaging Content

It is important to remember; content doesn’t have to be great literature. It can be a few simple paragraphs talking about your business, or how your product helps people. Make it informative, make it entertaining, but most of all make it personal and from the heart, that’s the number one best way to engage reader.

7 Top Tips to create Engaging Content

1. Hit the record button

how many times have you had great discussion or brain storming session and at the end of it you thought gee i wish we’ve recorded that…We’ve found ourself doing it all the time so finally we decided to make sure we hit the record button as part of our discussion process.

You’ll often find that your best ideas come to light when you really get into the flow of the discussion or when you’re debating something passionately. This is a great way to capture ideas and thoughts on the fly which you can revert back to later and use to create content.

To record our sessions we use the voice recording feature on the smartphone or software such as quicktime on the laptop. Then we do a quick edit to identify the key areas which are worth saving. This recordings can become podcasts or you can use them to write blog posts, articles, or white papers.

2. Hunt for Gold Nuggets

the second way to create a great content easily is to do a google search for the term you are interested in and then read the top 10-20 articles. As you read look out for ideas that jump out at you or make you thing that’s a good idea. We call this gold nugget ideas. You can then organize these gold nugget ideas by making a mind map using software such as free mind or mind note pro.

Once you’re done just sit down and describe each of these gold nugget ideas in your own words. Create an original article or podcast that incapsulates the best ideas in your area of interest.

Use this to produce content that sounds polished and refined but creating it actually doesn’t take much longer than having a chat with a good friend, this is a great way to eliminate the dreaded of writer’s block once and for all.

3. Put yourself on the spot

if you have a lot of expertise in your topic area, one of the best ways to create content fast is to give a live presentation in front of real people.

This doesn’t have to be a huge event, it can just be a presentation to a few friends or to a local group such a professional society or community college course. Setting a deadline for a real world presentation will create positive pressure that will make you sit down and get your idea sorted.

You will also be amazed of what you can come up with on the fly when are really switch on and connecting with an audience. When you present make sure you record your presentation so that you can repurpose the content for blog posts, podcasts and so on.

4. Interview Others

another great way to generate great content quickly and easily is to interview other people about their expertise and personal experiences.

Remember the purpose of this interview is to provide valuable information to your listeners, not to promote yourself or the person you are interviewing directly.

It’s also good to prepared a list of questions and send them to your interview subject ahead of time so they can be thinking about their responses and be sure to allow the person you are interviewing to do most of the talking. Remember how annoying it is when you hear an interviewer always interrupting the guest.

5. Ask your readers to ask you

instead of trying to read your subscriber’s minds and identify topics that they would be interested in, a great way to generate topic idea is to add an Ask Us button on your blog or your webinar signup page.

Get people to submit questions and use these to generate content ideas. Be sure to mention that you may not be able to reply directly to every question, but that you will use their input to create compelling articles and videos.

6. Review Topical Products

another great way to generate content quickly is to review products, books, podcasts, and so on. When you do this make sure you actually buy and use the product then describe your personal experience. A good approach for a structure is introduction, what you like, what you don’t like, conclusion.

7. Open up

bloggers and online business owners sometimes feel that they should only talk about their successes and try to maintain a perfect online persona. However the reality is that people would often engage much more with you when you open up and talk frankly about your struggles, difficulties, and failures. This in turn can lead to more sales which just close to show that failure can sometimes be more profitable than success.

Remember to always ensure that there are some useful takeaway ideas for the readers. Being honest and open doesn’t just mean complaining. Talking about the hurdles you’ve overcome can help others to solve their own problems and they’ll remember who inspired them.

Ok, so that’s our 7 top tips for creating an engaging content quickly and easily. With many of these approaches you will end up with either a rough audio recording or video recording of yourself talking about your content. The next step is to convert this rough cut recording into a finished article.

There are two ways to do this depending on your budget;
the first is to edit the material yourself, although this does take time most people find that editing something that exist is much easier and quicker than starting with a blank screen and trying to write an article from scratch.

The second option if your budget allows it, is to outsource the editing to a writer or editor. There are number of sites online where people with tasks to perform can connect with people who have the time and skills to offer and set up simple deal safely. Like fiverr, upwork, elance, odesk, etc.

Main Author of insitemoney, writer for most of the contents posted on insitemoney. All topics were chosen and written based on personal passion, experiences , and desire to share from this past 10 years journey. Hopefully could benefit all our readers.

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