5 tips to secure your online money transactions

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Gone are those days when people would queue up in long rows at supermarkets, grocery stores, fashion stores, restaurants, etc. to buy what they were looking for.

Nowadays, ordering things and paying for them online is in trend because it reduces work and saves time and effort. Not only that, chores like sending money to relatives or friends, paying bills and rentals, etc. are all done online.

In short, making money transactions online is a common activity in the present times and people of all ages use online banking, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, digital currencies, etc. to pay for the goods and services that they buy.

But, the convenience comes at a cost. If you aren’t careful and alert, you could easily have your money stolen with no possibility of a return. So, it is essential that you ensure that all your online transactions are 100% safe.

Steps to secure your money

Secure your device – Whether you are using a PC, laptop, mobile or tablet for the transactions, it is vital that your device is completely clean. If it happens to have any spyware, malware, etc. all your financial information may leak out and be used by an unscrupulous agent. You can lose money as well as other vital information.
So, make sure that you do not download softwares that not original and trusted or add extensions, plugins, etc. that have a vague origin. Also, do not use any communal devices to make online transactions.

Secure your account – Whether you are using online banking or other third-party services like Paypal, Moneybookers, Western Union, etc. all information pertaining to your account must be known only to you.
Do not share with your friends and relatives, and preferably not with your family as well, unless absolutely necessary. Make sure that the password you use is strong and never write it down. Also, try to use additional security measures like a security question, login alerts, etc. as offered by your service provider.

Use trusted services – If you are using a third-party service other than your bank to pay for your bills, orders, etc., make sure that they reputed and 100% trustworthy.
Information leaks and thefts often are caused by money transfer services that are new and shady.

Pay only to trusted sellers – These days everyone is after great offers, discounts, coupons, etc. and many shady organizations may use this as a bait to lure in naïve customers and steal the information they provide while purchasing the services/goods. Do not buy from a website/online store if you find anything fishy or if they do not have good repute.

Be aware – Often fraudsters send mails, messages, etc. with lucrative offers and prizes and you can claim them once you enter your credit card details.
Never fall for such scams. It is best that you totally ignore such emails and if you find the offer too mouth watering, find out if the offers/prizes are real or not before you enter you financial and personal details.

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