5 Popular Alternative Ways to Pay Online

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Alternative Payments Methods


Don’t have a credit card? Here’s what you can use to pay online!


From paying bills to buying items of daily need, making online payments is the need of the age. It saves time, effort and enhances convenience of carrying out our daily chores. And one of the most common ways of paying online is credit cards. Not only are they accepted by almost all online stores and service providers, but using them is super easy too. You can buy whatever you need and pay for all your purchases at the end of the month.

But what to do if you do not have a credit card? Or you do not want to use one for security reasons? Will that mean that you cannot make payments online? Will you have to queue up to make bill payments or buy things? Not at all, because at present, there are a number of ways via which you can make online payments without using a credit card at all.


    Alternative to Credit Card

  • Debit cards
    Don’t want to use a credit card? No problem, there’s an alternative for it, switch over to debit cards. They are safe to use and are accepted by most service providers. You can often use them to make national as well international payments and link them to e-wallets or merchant accounts.
  • Virtual credit cards
    Virtual credit cards are an excellent option for you if you want to avoid using credit cards. They offer the same convenience as regular credit cards and can be used much like one, except for those services that require a AVS. You can add money to it using cash or your debit card and then use it like a CC.
  • Prepaid cards
    Though these are usually regionally restricted, yet using prepaid cards are a safe option for making payments to local/regional stores or service providers. You just need to buy the card with the necessary amount that you would need for making payments and you are good to go.
  • Merchant accounts and e-wallets
    Both these options make it much easy to make online payments, even if you aren’t using a credit card. You can not only make local payments, but international payments as well via these e-wallets and merchant accounts. You can link your debit card or bank details with these accounts and pay with ease.
  • Digital currencies
    With the invention of a number of digital currencies, it is now possible to pay at several stores using digital currencies. Though their use is now very limited, they are becoming popular by the day and can be well used within the community as a mode of payment. One popular digital currency is Bitcoin.

A conversation about e-currency:


  • Store vouchers and rewards
    These are quite useful if you buy often from a particular store. With the use of the store rewards and vouchers, you can easily buy whatever you want till you exceed the reward or voucher limited. These vouchers can be bought repeatedly and thus, allow you shop online without using a credit card.


These options are quite popular as alternatives to a credit card and ensure that you can pay online conveniently, even if you do not prefer using your credit card.

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