4 Big Niche Categories

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4 Big Niche Categories


This is a Classic SEO Knowledge about Niche and not many of us talk about this for a long time. Take a little look to this 4 Big Niche Categories might could bring up a new idea to enrich our niche.

Before you start your business or creating your product, set up a business, find means to market, you must first decide who you want to sell to, and whether they are buyers or not.

On every business in common, you need a specialization that specifically expertise on particular service or product, that known as niche.

A niche is basically the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing on.

Niche is important because you are to be viewed as a specialist and provide answer for your audiences.

With that said, it is easier to be an expert at one thing than an expert at all things. Concentrating in a particular specific niches, you will have more targeted audience and slight competition.

Niche choice is a crucial aspect of any type of business venture. You need to Target Your Costumer. And later, on the more spesific niche selection step is to avoid too competitive niche.

We can categorized niche into 4 big types;

  1. – Desperates Niche

  2. A desperate niche is type where the average individual comes with a trouble they experience hopeless to get an answer about. Desperate niches are typically the highly lucrative, due to the fact that people want to spend cash in order to be released from desperate conditions they suffered.

  3. – Passionate Niches

  4. Passionate niches can also be a high well-paid market to work on, and since everyone starting to realized that desperate niches are profitable market, they are over competitive.

  5. – Popular Niches

  6. Obviously, you need to find out which niches are popular. You might not want to get into a niche that has extreme competition, but you do not want to choose a niche that has scant interest.

  7. – Your Personal Interest And Capacities

  8. Most people would prefer to pick a niche that connects to one of their personal capability, or something they are an expertise in. So they could provide more and more accurate informations, which is they know exactly about, because most of it based on their personal experiences.


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