15 Online Job Opportunities to earn from

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Job Opportunies you can do online

As you are begin surfing the web and been directed to this article, I’m sure you have already been to many blogs. There are many people out there do online work, enjoying flexible working hours with no office wear needed, or maybe not even wearing anything.

Having a look around the internet some time now, you will be able to find so many home based business which are considering to be the best thing you ever will find on the internet.

Every minute, there is a new opportunity exploding the internet, only to get money out of people pockets and most of the time, these kind of opportunities won’t last long.

Yet there are hundred of thousands of people who are looking for a home based business online and with the right opportunity, you could be able to take advantage and create wealth online for yourself. Picking the right home business will give you a successful business opportunity for a bright future.

Consider to take a closer look on some of the take notes points below before you decide to pick your home business:


  • You need a well-established home business with a decent track record of success.

    There are many reasons why people fail online and a lot of established marketers will give the blame on you.

    Most of the time, it is the productivity or the business itself, that make people fail and by choosing a good and reliable home business opportunity, you will set yourself apart from the rest.

    Don’t jump on the next best home business. Make sure it has a proven track record and it is at least about 4 to 5 years online. Such home based business has proven themself to be successful online and they will be still there, when others already gone.

  • You need a good and very attractive product or business opportunity.

    You need to get involved with a company that sells products or services that people are really want and are willing to spend money on. Forget the so called fast cash products on th internet. They will never provide you with a decent income from home. They are only on the market for quick cash and will disapear very quick afterwards.

    By choosing an easy home business, you already have what people really want and that is to make a longterm income from home. You will be able to recruit more people in the long run and create a business that got a future infront of you.

  • You need a free or a low cost home business opportunity to start with.

    People are starting a home business to make money and not to lose it. A lot of them are afraid to waste money online and by offering them a free opportunity it is more likely, that you will get more leads to your own home business.

    It is possible to start free on the internet and that should be your main focus, when you choose to start a home business opportunity. Whenever there are some costs involved, the possibiliy that you loose more costumer then you get is very high. Also it is much better for people to start free and learn the skills they need to be successful online.

  • You will need a great marketing system for your home business.

    Having a marketing system is the best way to attract more leads and costumer into the business. A great marketing system would be the one, who does most of the work for you.

    In order to reach your goal, you need cerati tools like autoresponder, follow-up emails and a training program that will show your costumer what to do, in order to reach their goal themself.

    A marketing system will provide you with the best way possible to promote and advertise your business. When you are clueless about what to do next, a marketing system should be able to provide the answer.

    It will take most of the work of you and you can consentrate on the main subject in marketing and get more leads.

    Below is

    The list of Online Jobs available

    1. Be a blogger

    2. Start a blog (it is best on your own domain) to write about something you are passionate about or you have certain knowledge to share. If you can write well and make people interested about your posts, then you can monetize your blog. One popular and commonly known way is to sign up with Google AdSense or the other less known way is to signup to another ad networks to have ads appearing on your blog.

    3. Build Websites

    4. If you have the necessary skills on developing, you can make extra cash this way. There are hundreds of start-ups looking for an online presence without time and knowledge to develop. If you are good at, you will get more than enough clients than you can handle.

    5. App and Game Developer

    6. In this smartrphone era this could be a very profitable job. Make some apps or games and listing it on Google Play Store and iOS AppStore could provide you with steady income stream. Adding it with in-app purchase feature will sum up your earning, like a bonus.

    7. Software load testing

    8. Software needed to be tested before they are sell over the shelves. Register yourself for load testing jobs and you can help to test for bugs and comment to improve the product. Of course, you can have bragging rights to have the software before it hits the market.

    9. Professional Freelancer

    10. This is almost the same as working for data entry or be a virtual assistant to be spesific. Become a freelancer open a wider chance for any type of job you have your hands on.

    11. Translation

    12. If you know more than one language then you can start to become a translator, there are many jobs available on this core, go to freelancer sites and forums where you can register yourself to express your interest. Usually you charge them on each translated word. Many companies need translation service for paper works and documents.

    13. Virtual Assistant

    14. If you have some administrative skill, you can start to consider to work as a Vitual Assistant. Mostly they are recruited by small business site to handle jobs such as replying costumer email, answering support online chat, account management, talk to client by phone or online, many more long distance secretary jobs you can do.

    15. Part time data entry jobs

    16. You have spare time on hands, a ready computer to use and armed with good typing skills, speed and accuracy; and you can start earning money. Sites like freelancer, upwork, or elance will be a good way to find those who need this kind of service.

    17. Research Jobs

    18. Giving your time to research something for others that don’t have time. Some organization have research funding and online investigation, you can apply for the job and give few hours to start do the research for them and providing the datas they need. This is ideal for you who have not the ability to write, design, or coding.

    19. Start an online shop

    20. You can sell on eBay or Amazon. You will not always need to make your own product to sell. If your neighbour is into knitting, knock onto their door and start a joint venture.

    21. Sell your unused items

    22. Ransacked your garage, wardrobe, under your bed. There bound to be many stuff you have bought on impulse. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Easiest way to cash your trash is to register as a seller with eBay.

    23. Dropshipping

    24. This kind of job does not require you to take care of the item’s stocks and delivery. Your task only to sell the item and/or redirect visitor to the merchant page and you’ll get the commission, it will reflect on your monthly selling statement. Almost like affiliate but it sells mostly physical stuffs, like clothes, watches, bags, and so on. Selling eBay, Amazon or Alibaba products without getting involve with the products administrations process, but you are responsible with any refund occured. So make sure you have good sales skill.

    25. Online Courses

    26. Make a courses video series. Teaching the skills you are already have. It is better if you have degrees on the subject you are teaching, although it is not very necessary if you already mastery the skill. You can teach all subject you want from language, to mathematics.

    27. Online Counselor

    28. Not so common online job but deserve a try if you have the ability. If you have the knack and patience to lend a listening ear. Many people prefer online Counselor because they can remain anonymous. You can start your own website to sell your service. Drive web traffic to it and start building up your costumer base. If you don’t know how to build a website then a Facebook Page will be a good enough starting point to get you up and running. You will be paid on hourly basis.

    29. Participate in Paid Survey

    30. Although it is not popular now in >2018, this is still a good chance for you to earn. There are many new marketing ideas everyday and marketers need sounding boards to test their ideas. Register yourself with such sites and when there are suitable surveys they will notify you. You just have to answer the questions truthfully.

    There are many other ways to make you earn online. Some can give you extra allowance to buy some nice clothes and some can replace or even surpass your day job income.


    Thing to be aware about internet business. Why people don’t earn online?

    The answer is: Too Many People. Internet is so easy to access that you need only your finger, smartphone, and cheap internet connection (in some country it is even free), everyone can get into it in just a matter of seconds. The competition is tremendously super high. We are talking about the whole universe, all the people from all around the globe compete in one place.

    Internet Marketing has been there for many years and some people have really been making a fortune out of it. Competition is at its peak and to excel is not as easy as it was a decade ago.

    On the other hand, various new money generating methods have evolved like social media, which can really boost earning in a matter of days.

    To earn online can be simple and impossible at the same time.

    Below, there are 4 reasons why people fail to earn even a dime from internet:

    1. First major reason is Uncertainty.
    2. Most of the people who are unaware of internet marketing think it as fake and just a way to deceiving others. Even if they are referred by a friend or close relative, who himself is making money online, they are uncertain whether this kind of business even exist. Hence, they never give it a try.

    3. Second major cause is fear of failure.
    4. If you recommend any of your close contacts to try out internet marketing, they are afraid that they eon’t be able to do it. They think such methods are only for businessmen and since they are not business minded person so it’s not for them. Even if they want to start, they feel they will not succeed and hence they will either not take up or give it up in the very beginning.

    5. Third reason why most people don’t make money online is lack of investment.
    6. Money holds a lot of people back in their success. Most of people think they have to invest lots of money for a long period of time to get profit out of it. This may be true in some cases but once you are into this online business, you will figure out ways to spend wisely.

    7. Next remain reason of failure is bad program or product selection.
    8. If someone has unfortunately fallen for a scam and he thinks it would make him money, he will ultimately end up wasting his efforts and money. There are thousands of products out there and it’s really difficult to tell which one will do good for you.

      One basic tips regarding prodouct selection is try avoiding those peograms which claim to make you money overnight or within few hours even days, 3 days or 7 days. This is the biggest sign of a scam. Time and experience will give the clue. Be very selective about product selection. Discuss on forum about product’s performance and repution (if there’s an honest member care to share it with you, keep remember the super high competion) then you are good to go.

    I hope this article would be helpful in making your online business a success. Each and every kind of profession requires passion, devotion, and hard work. If you put your heart and soul into your business, there’s no reason why you will not excel.

Main Author of insitemoney, writer for most of the contents posted on insitemoney. All topics were chosen and written based on personal passion, experiences , and desire to share from this past 10 years journey. Hopefully could benefit all our readers.


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