11 Ways to Make Money in College

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Finding a job on a college campus is tough. There are so many applicants and eligible students. It’s near impossible to get a job outside the campus too, especially if transportation is hard to find.

That leaves another option – working online.

It’s not generally a way to get rich, but it’s definitely a way to pay for some of those fun activities.

  1. Paid Forum Posting

    There are several sites out there that are more than willingly to hire you to work on their forums. You can work as a freelance forum poster and find your own jobs (cutting out the middle man) or you can work for an established site.

    Working for an established site like Paid Forum Posting or Forum Booster is helpful because it allows you to find work even without having samples to provide for each client. You are more of a contractor.

    Basically, your job is to sign up on forums that hire you or your site and make posts and threads to spark discussion.

    You can make anywhere between 10 and 20 cents per post doing this.

    It doesn’t seem like a lot of money, but if you have some extra time and really care for the subject that you write about, it’s worth it.

  2. Sell Textbooks
  3. Find a way to sell all your textbooks online. Ebay is one option of course, but there are others.

    Craigslist and Amazon are available now, and some websites will even buy your books from you without you having to find somebody to buy it first!

    You might not make every penny back on a book, but it’s a good way to earn back a little bit.

  4. Sell on Ebay
  5. Once you open up an account on both Ebay and Paypal, the rest is easy. If you have extra books or other items you don’t want anymore, think about listing them!

    You can even find things to make or buy cheap and sell at a higher price if you want to pursue this as a more serious career.

    Essentially, you will make whatever effort you put into this venture.

  6. Scholarships
  7. Winning scholarships is typically hard. It’s not impossible though. Find a couple reliable sites and check them periodically.

    You will most likely have to write a paper or do something else to show that you deserve the scholarship, but it’s extra money and that’s never a bad thing.

  8. Writing and Art Contests
  9. Writing and art contests are similar to scholarships in that you are competing with others for cash. There are some contests with relatively few people competing, however, and these are probably your best bet.

  10. Get a blog
  11. Not only should you get a blog, you should also monetize it. Consider what kind of ads you want on your blog and find somebody to help you.

    Aside from ads, you can also make money if you put a button that allows people to donate some cash to you if they like what you have to say.

    Affiliate programs can get you some pocket money too.

    This is a slow way to get started. You have to have good content that entice people to keep reading. You also have to make sure that you find ads that don’t bother or disturb your readers.

    Too many ads can earn you more money, but may annoy people and only help you lose money in the long run.

  12. Online Tutoring/E-Classes
  13. Many online tutoring programs and e-class opportunities require teachers and tutors to have a Bachelors or Master degree.

    This is not to say that there aren’t some out there that welcome students. You can also offer your services on your blog or on your very own web site and be completely independent of any established site.

    Just make sure that you have something that people will want or need.

  14. Start an Online Business
  15. This kind of dips into some of the others. You can start your own blog or website to offer services or products that you can offer.

    If you do freelance writing, make a site and put yourself out there. If you are into crafts, find a way to reach out.

    It’s all about finding your niche and finding a way to market what you want to sell.

  16. Photography
  17. Okay, so for this one you may have to leave your room. If you already have some artistic pictures saved on your computer though, you can try to sell them.

    Magazines might be interested in your pictures. There are also photography sites that are on constant watch for great pictures.

  18. Arts and Crafts
  19. If you are into arts and crafts, here’s an opportunity for your. There are sites like Cafe Press and Etsy that give you the opportunity to sell your homemade goods and designs.

  20. Freelance Writing
  21. Freelance writing is one of the major ways that people make their money online. You can write articles, short stories, e-books, and just about anything else that you can think of, for cash.

    A quick search for “freelance writing jobs” or “writing gigs” can help you. Craigslist has a ton of opportunities too.


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